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Sponsorship Business Officer

Date limite: 2024-05-05

Lecture estimée à : 5 minutes

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With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.

Come join our 33,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries and share the joy of transforming vulnerable children’s life stories!

Employee Contract Type:
Local - Fixed Term Employee (Fixed Term)

Job Description:

Contribute to community and partners engagement for better child sponsorship implementation

Participate in new partners Identification and assess potential partners for child sponsorship;
Work with the AP team to contextualize sponsorship messages and prepare a communication plan for partners, community members, families and children.
Facilitate process to introduce sponsorship to partners, community groups and children; Train partners in key aspects of messaging, the recruitment of children, monitoring and other responsibilities;
Collaborate with CESP TPO to monitor and manage ongoing community understanding and ownership of child sponsorship and design plans for continuous education and increased ownership over time
Actively participate in the Program (re)design, implementation and evaluation to contribute to sponsorship integration in the whole program life cycle;
Involve partners and community groups in defining and adapting child selection criteria focusing on the most vulnerable Support partners to design and engage in a community awareness process for sponsorship and child selection criteria in ways that promote community ownership and include focus on vulnerable children;
Collaborate with the AP team to design a child registration plan with partners which ensures transparency and participation in ways that are fun and meaningful for children; In collaboration with CCDFs, conduct child registration in accordance with SO & NO plan;
ensure quality review of collected data and their timely submission;
Monitor and support partners and volunteers in meeting sponsorship requirements efficiently and effectively.

Facilitate ongoing child sponsorship activities implementation to meet operational requirements and supporter expectations

Work with children, families and community to help them understand the importance of collecting authentic, heart-warming and inspiring stories Develop a plan for capturing stories which meet quality rich media content standards Conduct quality assurance for all the child and community sponsorship 2.0 products before submission

Ensure quality and timely submission of all the required sponsor engagement products
Participate in the Preparation of Sponsorship Operations Audit and other accountability review processes for assigned APs and ensure implementation of recommendations;
Ensure that child monitoring, planning, analysis and reporting takes place within the partnership timeline.
In collaboration with the sponsorship, partnership and projects coordinator, support partners in designing approaches to meet sponsorship requirements that promote children’s skills and the outcomes of the partners or projects.
Assist partners to design innovative communications to sponsors that promote children's skills and reflect their participation in development.
Ensure quality and timely communication between registered children (Timely and quality submission of ILs, SLs, GALs, APRs, Christmas cards) to maintain the assigned APs in green;
Monitoring on a daily basis the performance of assigned APs against in SOI, CMS, Sponsorship 2.0 production, Data quality against sponsorship standards, take corrective actions and share sponsorship monthly management report with the THE SPONSORSHIP, PARTNERSHIP AND PROJECTS COORDINATOR and AP Supervisors with copy the National Office Sponsorship Lead; Coordinate and manage RC supply ensuring that commitments are met as per the NO & SO plans; Participate in the implementation GC sponsorship initiatives and pilots and document lessons learned

Staff and partners receive required guidance and support to use effectively Horizon Mobile to manage sponsorship

Provide orientation and coaching to staff and volunteers in assigned APs on how to operate all dashboard functionality to identify current tasks;

3.2 Interpret and share at a weekly basis the dashboard information to all AP team and Volunteers for action;

Manage date-driven correspondence (such as Greeting Card & APR), system driven (IL), manual entry (mail, query).
Scan barcode, enter details of incoming mail, identify new and prioritise daily tasks. Orient staff and volunteers on the photos and videos taking techniques and select those for use which address the media quality guidance.
Ensure sponsorship data is updated in Sponsorship Systems and ensure data are produced, analyses and presented for use by APs team to inform programming regularly; Upload timely all supporter engagement products to RMT Monitor if all essential functions of the Mobile devices assigned to Volunteers operate correctly; Manage all Mobile Device Management (MDM) to update/install or uninstall Horizon mobile application as required when there is a version upgrade;
Coordinate Synchronization of all Horizon modules for all Volunteers mobiles as required according to the data collection task (activity monitoring, child monitoring, Rich Media, GIS and WBS).
In collaboration with partners, raise Volunteers ‘awareness on how to take care of the devices to ensure they remain in good working conditions. Ensure all Volunteer Profiles are available in the PC version to allow volunteers' user access to the Horizon mobile application.
Ensure volunteers are aware of and can use the latest mobile device app upgrades and tools. Ensure volunteers are aware of relevant WV business processes and rules related to their data collection task (activity monitoring, child monitoring, Rich Media, GIS and WBS).
Give 1rst support to staff about ICT equipments within the cluster, if the problem continues escalate to National Office ICT team.

Innovate new ways of Managing Sponsorship in Emergency Context

Report timely any child/RC incident, security issue according to standards;
Work with the sponsorship, partnership and projects coordinator to innovate new ways to ensure RC in fragile communities are regularly monitored and support is timely availed for any emergency affecting their well being;
Prepare and submit to the sponsorship, partnership and projects coordinator an interim Sponsorship Situation Report within the standard time;

Applicant Types Accepted:
Local Applicants Only

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